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Hello, welcome to my teeny SHINee give away that was meant to happen on the 25/05 =P This is just a small thank you because I’ve never been this heavily involved in a fandom before tbh, and it’s been great :) Kpop people in general are nice, but shawols, especially the ones that I know, make this whole experience fab ^^ And their emotional (with the occasional facepalm-worthy I-cannot-believe-you-just-said-that) tags are brilliant =’]

Rules and contents:

  • DO NOT FOLLOW ME.  I am entirely serious, my tumblr is NOT a shinee blog, it’s my normal tumblr, so DON’T FOLLOW ME JUST TO TAKE PART THERE IS NO NEED.  Obviously I would expect you to be a bit of a shawol though.
  • Like it once, reblog on your normal tumblr as much as you want - but be warned, if, after you’re randomly picked, I see your name consecutively more than once I’m chucking you out -.- (actually, this doesn’t even matter anymore because…)
  • UPDATE: the way tumblr does notes now, you will only come up once if you keep reblogging from me - reblog it from someone else and you’ll come up again :)
  • Five lip balms, five winners, and it comes with a pororo pencil and some melon candy (contributed by mariyah) Sorry, but you can’t pick which one you want.  There will also be one runner up just for pororo and sweets :)
  • Any location, have your ask box open, ends 15th of July, one day to answer. 
  • I’ll only use it once, but you must be okay to give me your address, so if you have any worries about me being weird and scary, leave it ^^

Enjoy, and thank you ! :) (updated 04/07)

The end. 15/07 I’ll contact the winners soon.